Real Money Online Blackjack at BetShah

At BetShah, we satisfy our players' thirst for thrilling games by offering a comprehensive gaming library. One of the game types we have is online blackjack. This game, which pits you against the dealer, is one of the most popular on our platform. 

When you play online blackjack, you aim to have a better hand than the dealer. However, you must ensure that your card value does not exceed 21, as you’ll lose the game outright if that happens. Simple right? Then waste no time in trying out the game on our platform. 

We have a comprehensive selection of blackjack games online. All you have to do is register, deposit, and get started. However, before you do so, let’s explore the benefits of playing online blackjack at BetShah. We have also included some strategies you can use to tip the odds in your favor when playing. 

The Benefits of Playing Real Money Online Blackjack

There are multiple benefits to playing online blackjack with real money on our site. We have explained these benefits below.

    • Convenience of playing from anywhere with an internet connection: As long as you have a smart device with solid internet connection, you can play blackjack online. You simply need to visit the dedicated section, choose the titles you want, and select the blackjack play online option. Then, you can place your bets and wait for the dealer to deal cards. 
    • Wide variety of blackjack games and betting options: At BetShah, we have a wide variety of blackjack online games. You can choose from games like Perfect Pair Blackjack, American Blackjack, and Multihand Blackjack. These games are from well-known developers like Pragmatic Play, so they have excellent quality. 
    • Safe and secure real money transactions: Before playing real money online blackjack, you must fund your account. Thankfully, we support multiple payment methods that Indian players can conveniently use for payments. We also employ top security measures, so every transaction you make is safe. 
    • High payout potential and bonuses: We sweeten your gambling experience by offering a plethora of bonuses. All you have to do is make at least the specified minimum deposit to get the offer. With these freebies, you can play blackjack online and get a chance to win. 

Are Online Blackjack Games Rigged?

Players fear getting ripped off at an online casino. That’s understandable considering that there are many sham gambling sites out there. However, at BetShah, we work with only the best and most trustworthy developers.

These developers create their online blackjack games, and other games with random number generators. So the result of every betting round is random, and no external body can influence it. Therefore, you can play online blackjack games with 100% certainty that they are not rigged. 

Does BetShah Have Live Blackjack?

Of course! We have the best live blackjack online games from ten developers. You will enjoy these games because they offer a realistic gaming experience. Unlike RNG-based titles, you play with a real dealer and place bets in real time. 

These games are grouped based on the providers that supply them, and they include:

    • Evolution
    • Pragmatic Play
    • OneTouch
    • Lucky Streak
    • TVBet

Let’s explore what blackjack online games are in each of these sections. 


Evolution is well-known for its live dealer games. We have multiple titles from this provider, and they include Speed Blackjack, Blackjack Classic, Speed VIP Blackjack, and Blackjack Classic. These blackjack online titles have excellent quality and professional dealers.  

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is famous for its collection of online slots, but it also creates live dealer games. Some online blackjack games we have from the developer include Azure Blackjack, Live Blackjack, and Blackjack Lobby. There are multiple blackjack online tables to choose from, so you’ll find one that suits your bankroll.


Onetouch is an upcoming provider, so it doesn't have a large collection of blackjack games for Indian players. Currently, we have four variants from the developer, and they include Blackjack Classic and Blackjack Supreme Multihand. These games use random number generators, and they also have demo versions.

Lucky Streak

Aside from Evolution, Lucky Streak is another well-known provider of online roulette, blackjack, and other games. The live dealer online blackjack games from this provider are few. However, the available titles are entertaining. Blackjack and Blackjack VIP are some of the games from Lucky Streak.


TVBet has a collection of online poker, blackjack online games, and other titles. Since this is a new developer, there aren’t many blackjack games. We currently have only one variant. 

Blackjack Beginner Strategy

There are different strategies you can use when playing blackjack to increase your winning chances. Keep in mind that strategies don’t guarantee you’ll win, but they can help you make the most of your bets. The following are the best ones:

Understand The Gameplay and Betting Options

Online blackjack starts with the dealer dealing two cards to you and himself. If you’re lucky enough to hit 21 (also known as a "natural") on those first two cards, you win! That is, if the dealer doesn’t also have a blackjack hand. If you don’t get an exact 21, you have to make decisions based on your hands. 

Hitting and standing are the two most popular moves you make when playing blackjack online. If you hit, you’re dealt another card. Therefore, this move is best when the value of your first two cards is low. If you stand, you don’t take any other cards, making it the best move when your card value is high.

Other Blackjack Moves

Besides hitting and standing, there are other decisions you can make when playing online blackjack with real money. However, these moves depend on the online blackjack game you play. Below are the most common options:

    • Double Down: If you have a good hand, you can choose to double your bet. When you double your bet, you'll get one more card and then stand immediately. Only select this option if there’s a high possibility that your hand will win or that the dealer will bust.
    • Split: When your opening hand consists of a pair of cards, you can choose to "split" the cards into two new hands and place an additional bet. After that, you'll be dealt a second card to each hand. So, you’re playing with two hands instead of one. 
    • Insurance: Paying for Insurance protects you from the dealer's blackjack hand. This is an option available on some games, and you can only place this bet when the dealer has an exposed Ace.
    • Surrender: By accepting a surrender offer, you will receive half of your original wager back and your round will finish instantly. This is best when you have a weak hand.
    • Side Bets: Some variations of blackjack online allow players place side bets. Some of these options is wagering on whether or not the dealer has blackjack or constructing "Poker hands" out of the cards dealt.

Split A Pair Of 8s And Aces

As we already mentioned, splitting means separating your first two cards to have two hands. This move can only be done when the first two cards you get are a pair. The best pairs to split are 8s and aces. 

Note that aces can act as 11 or 1. So, playing these two cards as a pair is a loss, because their value together can only be 11. However, when you split, you get a card for each hand, which could be more profitable. 

Never Split 10-Value Cards

Though splitting is a great move, you should never do it when you have a pair of 10s. Instead, you should play these cards as one hand. That’s because their value as a pair is 20, which is the closest to the actual blackjack hand, 21.

Start Betting Small

When playing online blackjack or any other casino game, you should learn how to manage your bankroll. That’s why it’s best to always start with small bets. This would spread your bankroll more, allowing you to play more games. Plus, even if you lose betting rounds, your bankroll doesn’t deplete quickly.

Take Advantages of Bonuses

Claiming bonuses gives you more money to bet with. At BetShah, we offer you welcome bonuses, reload deals, and cashback bonuses. Keep in mind that these bonuses have terms and conditions. For instance, you can’t use some of our promotions to play jackpot games

How To Play Real Money Online Blackjack on Our Platform

If you’re ready to enjoy playing online blackjack at BetShah, create an account on our site. Here are the steps to follow: 

    • Visit https://BetShah.com/ and click "Register."
    • Enter your mobile number and select "Get Code."
    • Fill in the code we sent you via SMS in the dedicated field. 
    • Provide a valid email address and enter a password you prefer.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Register" at the bottom on the registration page.

After we have confirmed your registration, you’ll have to deposit to be able to play online blackjack with real money. We support multiple payment methods that Indians can use to fund their gambling accounts. IMPS, UPI, Paytm, Visa, Mastercard, and even Bitcoin are among these payment methods.

Here’s how to deposit:

    • Log into your account and select the “Deposit” option.
    • Choose your payment method from the ones we support
    • Enter the amount you want to deposit.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction.

We process payments right away, so the money you send will show up in your gambling account in just a few minutes. 

Once you have accrued enough winnings, you can cash them out without hassle. Like depositing, there are many options you can choose from when cashing out. Simply visit the cashier, pick one of the payment methods, and follow the instructions to make your request. 

We have built our website such that you’ll have no problems when gambling. However, you might have a few questions concerning our games or payments. In that case, you can reach out to us via live chat, and we’ll respond to your query almost immediately. Alternatively, you can email us, but expect responses via this communication channel within a few hours. 


There’s no doubt that blackjack is one of the most interesting online casino games to play. Even if you’re a beginner, you can master the rules and learn how to play within minutes. Plus, you can try out some of these games for free at BetShah to get a better idea of how they work. 

However, if you want to win actual cash from these games, then play real money online blackjack. BetShah is stocked with these games, so you have a plethora of online blackjack variants to choose from. All you have to do is register on our platform, deposit, and play for real money.